We are energetic and passionate girls who are on a mission to make a difference in our school community by bringing programs and projects that promote peace, mindfulness, compassion, empathy and social justice on our campus. We aim to manage the stress of being a student in a dual mission (arts and academics) school while managing the life of being a teenager. We work to make our school community a better place by giving fellow students tools and information on stress management.

Like all of you, GBLA has been finding new ways to stay connected and creative. Our annual Mindfulness Fair needed to be reimagined virtually. We continued to meet weekly online in order to ensure that our end of the year plans come together. As a team, we have been working very hard on putting together our Mindfulness Fair and working with different interest groups to make it the best we can. At times like these, we still want to spread the ideas of mindfulness and peace. We are still virtually engaging in conversations and exercises that help create mindful spaces and calming environments. We are getting through it together, and look forward to sharing our vision with the VAPA community!




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